RF180 MLL567

To Compliment Our Red 'RF' We Have A 39 Seat Coach Version Of The Vehicle slightly different seat layout gives greater leg room & deeper cushions.

RF180 39 Seat Single Deck In Green Livery RF180 39 Seat Single Deck

RF180  MLL567   3/52 DS new (Dorking)
                57-8 DS
               11/59 DS to Aldenham overhaul
               11/59 NF from o/h (Northfleet)
               60-61 NF
                8/62 NF used on 725
                7/63 NF into store
                8/63 NF ..and out
                1/64 NF to Aldenham overhaul
                1/64 HH from o/h (Hemel Hempstead)
                2/64 WR transfer (Windsor)
               12/65 NF transfer (Northfleet)
                9/66 SA transfer (St.Albans)
               12/66 CY transfer (Crawley)
               12/66 HE transfer (High Wycombe)
                1/67    modernised: OMO, C39F
                1/67 HE from mod.
                1968 HE
                6/69 HE into store
                8/69 HE ..and out
                1/70 HE transfer to London Country)
               10/70 GR transfer
                2/71 GR into store, then to Aldenham overhaul
                6/71 GR from o/h, then relicensed..
                6/71 DT ..transfer (Dartford)
                9/71 CM transfer (Chelsham)
                1972 CM
                7/73 EG transfer (East Grinstead)
                5/74 EG into store, and out again, relicensed
                6/74 EG back into store
                9/74 EG ..and out
                3/75 DT transfer..
                3/75 RG ..transfer (Reigate)..
                3/75 DT ....transfer
                1976    used on 725
                1/77 DS withdrawn from service..
                1/77 GY ..into store (Grays) 4/77 bought by D.J.Cowing, Woolwich bought for preservation: Batt, Upminster 5/00 preserved, J.Norman, Canvey Island preserved, R.Jarvis, Upminster
                        bought by The London Bus Company
                8/13    recertificated: used on 381 (Epping Stn - North Weald via Toot Hill or Coopersale)
               10/13    in service on 381
Information supplied by Ian's Bus Stop http://www.countrybus.org/