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RML902 WLT902

RML902 72 Seat Routemaster

This vehicle entered the private hire fleet in March 2004. Vehicle features crushed strawberry moquette on seats on both decks. It was one of a number of Routemaster's fitted with new Cummins engine in 1993 along with uprated heating and flourescent lighting to give them a further life in London use. This example achieved a further 11 years in service before passing into private ownership.

RML902 WLT 902 1/62 new: stored at Aldenham
2/62 FY into store
4/63 FY to Aldenham for visit preparation
6/63 visit to Munich
6/63 return to store at Aldenham
8/63 visit to Zurich
9/63 return to store at Aldenham
3/64 FY into store
5/64 FY into service on 104
1965 FY on 104
6/66 HT trainer
1967 HT training
2/68 HT to Aldenham overhaul
2/68 HT return from o/h into store
3/68 HT into service
69-70 HT
1/71 MH transfer for 43 (Muswell Hill)
2/71 MH to Aldenham repaint, and return
72-3 MH
12/74 HT transfer (Holloway)
3/75 HT to Aldenham overhaul
3/75 SW from o/h, body B902 (Stockwell)
7/76 SW into store
8/76 SW ..and out
9/76 SW to Aldenham repaint, and return
1993 Cummins engine fitted
1993 refurbished
10/94 AC privatised, Metroline
ALC464A 1994 AC
1999 AC Metroline, for 6, 98
WLT 902 5/01 reregistered
2/02 AC
2003 AC
3/04 AC withdrawn
3/04 sold to Blue Triangle (Rainham)
7/08 Retained By Roger Wright and Used By The London Bus Company Ltd