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RCL2260 CUV260C

RCL2260 65 Seat Green Routemaster With Rear Doors

The last one of a batch of green double deck Routemaster's. Originally for use on long distance routes from one side of London to other. The body is same size as on a central area red bus but with less seats to give additional leg room and deeper seats for more comformatble ride over this greater distance. The bus also features platform doors on rear and uprated heating system making it an ideal choice for an event in winter.

RCL 2260 CUV 260C 6/65 new to Aldenham
6/65 HG into store
7/65 HG into service on 715A
2/66 HG on 715 to Guildford, GreenLine
5/66 HG into store
6/66 DG transfer: trainer
7/66 RE transfer
9/66 RE into store
11/66 RE ..and out
10/67 RE into store
12/67 WR transfer for 704, 705
10/68 WR to Aldenham repaint, (simple Greenline), and return
12/68 WR into store
1/70 WR transfer to London Country
1972 downgraded to bus
6/75 RG on 405, green, yellow band
3/79 sold to Wombwell diesels for scrap
7/79 purchased by LT, stored at Royal Albert Dock
LT trainer, green
1980 converted to bus (doors, etc removed, reseated, stanchions fitted)
11/80 EM on 149 to Ponders End Garage, Seven Sisters
EM show bus, dual headlights restored
12/84 EM withdrawn, stored
1986 refurbished for LT Commercial Operations Unit
1986 B in service on Original London Transport Sightseeing Tour
1987 doors fitted
4/88 WD transfer of London Coaches
1990 tape playing equipment fitted
5/92 WD privatised to London Coaches.(roofed)
6/97 bought by Blue Triangle, Rainham
used by Blue Triangle in London Coaches livery! Blue Triangle: repainted in Green Line livery
2/00 used on 265 (Romford-Bulphan)
12/01 used on 565 on Christmas Eve
10/02 FL used on LOTS Special, Dagenham
3/03 used on 652
8/03 refurbished
10/03 FL used on LOTS Special, Dagenham
11/03 FL attended last night of RMLs on 23
6/05 at Waterden Road Open Day: used on X25, X86
7/05 FL used on 702 Greenline Relief to/from Windsor (on hire to First)
7/05 FL used on Gerrards Cross Rail Replacement
8/05 FL used on 702 Greenline Relief to/from Windsor (on hire to First)
7/06 FL used at Gravesend Running Day (701)
7/06 FL used at Gravesend Running Day (498)
11/06 FL used on X80
6/07 retained by Roger Wright
10/07 FL active at Cobham Pre-hibernation Day (432A, 497)
06/08 Changed to London Bus Company fleet
Information supplied by Ian's Bus Stop