Perfect for Film, TV, Music and Fashion Shoots.

The London Bus Company has a variety of  heritage vehicles, both single and double deck, from different eras, from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and Routemasters which were still going strong in the 00’s!  Have the right era of bus in your period shoot! We have provided many buses for TV and Film sets and on street filming, Music Videos, Adverts, Fashion Shoots and hosting interviews. The classic Routemaster bus inside and outside is popular for music videos, tv work and advertising campaigns. We have buses styled for different eras and can gladly advise on the most suitable vehicle for historic accuracy for period work. We have different liveried buses that can be passing in the shoot background or be the focus of the action. Open toppers can even provide a means of filming from a higher angle at action below. Part Open toppers can protect your filming equipment in bad weather. We have buses with light bulbs or fluorescent tubes to give the right atmosphere for an interior shoot. We can arrange for the bus to be showing route numbers and destinations that match the shoot location and period or be totally fictional. Your action can be inside our vehicle saloons, on the open platforms, feature the driver in the cab….or the bus can just be a backdrop to your action!

For more information regarding any film, static photo shoots use the quote or enquiry buttons to the right giving as much detail of your plans as possible (we will maintain any secrecy required) . Please note that VAT rules require that VAT is paid on any hire used primarily for film work (still or moving), but registered businesses can claim this back in the usual way..

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