Our range of Single Decker buses available to Hire


The Regal Four RF Class buses

  • Classic Single Deckers of 1940’s design built in the 40’s and 50’s and in regular service until 1979.
  • We have four colour variations in our fleet.


The White RF

  • Our RF 136 Seats 39 people
  • The white livery is very popular for weddings.
  • This beautiful white livery was tested on this bus by London Transport for the Green Line network that crossed London from places deep in the home counties..
  • Has deep comfy seat cushions.
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The Red RF

  • Our RF 392 Seats 39 people
  • In the classic red London Transport livery.
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Our Red and White RF

  • Our RF 401 Seats 39 people
  • This classic is in the eye catching red and white colour scheme
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The Green RF

  • Our Green RF Seats 39 people
  • A classic 1940s design.
  • Featuring the London green livery used all over the home counties and into London’s suburbs!
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Our classic Single Decker RF buses are available to hire for your events.

These vehicles may be able to access locations our double deckers can not due to low trees or low bridges.

(Please note heritage RF buses do not have public address systems fitted)

We have a small number of more modern single deckers from a range of eras that may be suitable for film, tv and photo shoot work.

To Enquire about one of our buses please use the Get in touch box on the right. Alternatively use our contact details listed below and one of our friendly members of staff will gladly assist you.