1. General
    In these conditions any reference to the Company means London Vintage Bus Hire Ltd T/A The London Bus Company. The hire start and finish times plus the purpose of the booking will be agreed prior to the hire date as will the locations to be visited. We reserve the right to decline any hire that has not been truthfully described. Quotations for a hire are valid for 2 months and do not form a ‘Contract’ until an invoice has been issued and the relevant deposit received. Any changes to original pricing will have to be reassessed if the booking is materially altered. The hirer is responsible to the company for any damage to the vehicle, its fittings or equipment caused by the negligence or misconduct of any passengers carried thereon. The hirer may not cause the hours of work or driving performed by the driver to break the law relating to drivers hours as set out in the 1968 Road Traffic Act and any subsequent amendments. Notices or decorations shall not be displayed from the vehicle without the previous consent of the company in writing. The company shall not be responsible for any failure to execute this contract by reason of accident, fire, tempest, strikes or any cause outside their control. The company shall not be responsible for loss or damage to luggage or other property brought onto the vehicle during the period of hire however caused. This contract shall not be varied in whole or in part except by mutual consent of the company and the hirer.
  2. Age restrictions
    All hirers must be over 21. Any hire where the party includes a significant number (as determined by the company) of passengers under the age of 18 must include at least two responsible adults as passengers. In case of a Prom the hirer will be responsible at the end of ‘phone to deal with any incidents.
  3. Alcohol may not be taken on to, or consumed on the bus unless by strict arrangement with the company at the time of booking, and confirmation in writing by the company. Only Champagne, Pimms, wine or similar is permitted. In the case of travel to sporting events no alcohol maybe consumed on the journey to or from the venue. A damage deposit may be requested at the time of booking, at the discretion of the company. Any permitted alcohol must be consumed from plastic glasses not individual bottles with straws. The hirer is responsible for removing the debris at the end of the hire. The crew have the right in all circumstances to refuse travel to any person they deem drunken, riotous, or offensive in accordance with PSV ‘Conduct’ Regulations 1990 as amended.
  4. Restricted Events
    We do not provide our buses for stadium football matches, (except under 18 with parents on board) pub crawls or late night returns except Corporate events by special arrangement.
  5. Authority of driver / conductor
    The authority of the driver and / or conductor is final. They have the right to stop the bus, cancel the hire or ask passengers to leave the bus at their discretion for reasons of safety, health, behaviour or any other reason. In such an event, the hirer will not receive compensation.
  6. Damage
    If any damage occurs which causes our vehicle(s) to be out of use for repairs ‘The Client’ will be liable to pay a daily rate, equal to the stated fee for the booked event whilst it is off the road (limited to £2,000) plus the cost of any repairs and/or cleaning.
  7. Extra Charges
    Additional charges such as parking fees, permits or entry fees will be levied in accordance with the charges imposed by the company supplying the services and must be paid by the hirer. Such charges are to be paid on demand or ideally in advance of the date of hire. In addition, the cost of any wilful damage or unreasonable cleaning will be charged to the hirer.
  8. Public Address Systems
    If you wish to have a commentary or play music to your guests then some of our double deck vehicles have a PA system fitted with an MP3 connector. If this is something you would like then please state at time of booking. The Company cannot always guarantee that a suitable vehicle will be available on the day.
  9. Journey Times
    There is no guarantee that the vehicle will perform the journey in any given time and the company shall not be accountable for any loss, inconvenience or damage which may arise from any delay, detention or breakdown. We always try to arrive in good time, before your hire starts, but it is not always possible to be certain that the vehicle will not encounter problems with congestion or road closures.
  10. Traffic Delays
    The London Bus Company Ltd shall not be liable to pay any compensation, damages or expenses arising out of any partial or total failure to perform the hire, for which it is NOT responsible. We cannot accept responsibility for delays caused by traffic conditions or other disruptions beyond our control. This includes emergency road closures caused by accidents or diversions made by Highways Authority or police.
  11. Payment Method and Terms
    • All hires are payable in advance, by on line bank transfer. We no longer accept payment by cheque.
    • If you would like to pay either the deposit or balance by credit or debit card please contact the office between 09:30 & 17:00 Monday – Friday to give card details. Please note that we are not able to accept payment by AMEX.
    • Payment details will be agreed upon confirmation of hire.
    • All payments must be received in sterling and net of any transaction charges.
    • A deposit of £100 is payable per bus at the time of receiving the invoice. The deposit is non-refundable. Until the deposit is received the hire is not confirmed and can be cancelled or the price changed.
    • The balance of the hire charge is due, at least, two weeks before the hire date, unless stated otherwise by the company.
    • In the unlikely event on cancelling the booking we can refund 50% of the balance paid up to 2 weeks before hire date excluding deposit. In the 2 weeks prior to the date no refund will be given.
    • Covid-19 Policy we understand things are difficult at the moment however our current policy is that without Government restrictions in place the above terms apply. However should you wish to move your booking to a new date due to Covid-19 concerns we are happy to accommodate this free of charge – Subject to vehicle availability.
  12. Routes
    Pickup and set down points for all hires have to be agreed at the time of paying the balance. The driver has the final decision on the exact route taken. The driver will endeavour to accommodate all reasonable requests from the hirer, but will consider the safety of the passengers, other road users and the vehicle itself when determining the route, and any pickup/set down points.If the hirer is in any doubt as to the suitability of any roads necessary to the execution of the hire for the safe passage of the bus they must notify the Company at the time of booking and pay any charge that is requested for a route survey to be carried out. No liability can be accepted if the bus is unable to safely reach any or all stopping-off points should this not be done and the adjudication of the driver in such circumstances will be final.
  13. Use Of Vehicle Between Booked Journeys
    The hirer cannot assume that he will have the use of the vehicle or that it will remain at the destination between outward and return journeys, unless this has been agreed with the company in advance.
  14. Your Responsibility On The Day
    Please see FAQ section on providing a responsible person to ensure hire runs as you intend. We cannot be held responsible if passengers get left behind through no-one knowing when everyone is present.
  15. Safety , Capacity & Children
    The safety of passengers is our first priority. The following guidelines must be followed by all passengers:

    • Passengers may not move between the upper and lower decks while the bus is in motion
    • Passengers must remain seated whenever possible while the bus is in motion
    • Passengers must act in accordance with any instructions given by the conductor
    • Passengers may not travel on the stairs or platform of the bus.
    • No standing passengers may be carried on any private hire working
    • The total number of passengers carried will always be limited to the seating capacity displayed on the vehicle. The section relating to standing passengers does not apply on private hire work.
    • Children up to the age of 4 years and carried on their parents laps are not counted as passengers in this context.
    • Due to the nature of the business our vintage buses cannot accommodate wheel-chairs, push-chairs (prams), bicycles, or large items of luggage and you are advised to make alternative arrangements for these requirements.” 2 Folded up push-chairs may be carried with permission of the conductor.
  16. Seat Belts our vehicles are classic London buses and as such are not fitted with seat belts. If children are coming on board without parents, it is advisable to make the parents aware of this fact, gain their consent and ensure you have adequate adult supervision present on the bus.
  17. Smoking is not permitted on any part of the bus including the rear platform and this includes the upper deck even on an open top.
  18. Substitution
    The Company reserve the right to substitute vehicles loaned to them by other operators for the company’s vehicles without any preliminary notice. In the case of green vehicles, as we only have one, a red bus may have to be substituted if any last minute problems are encountered.
  19. Mechanical Failure
    In the event of the mechanical failure of any of its buses the Company will endeavour to provide a suitable replacement at the earliest opportunity. However, due to the nature of the business this may take some time and should the hirer decide to make alternative arrangements then the Company cannot accept any responsibility for the costs so incurred except in whole or in part as a gesture of goodwill. No liability for consequential loss can be accepted and under all circumstances compensation cannot exceed the original cost of the hire.
  20. Vehicle Identities
    The Company will always try to provide any vehicle specifically requested at the time of booking for a hire. However, due to the nature of the business it is not always possible to guarantee that any vintage vehicle will always be available for service when required and the Company reserves the right in these circumstances to substitute any suitable alternative vehicle at its own discretion.
  21. Agreement and Compliance The hirer is advised to read these conditions before entering into any hire contract (Invoice) with the Company and will thereafter be deemed to have accepted them in full. Our buses are operated in accordance with PSV regulations, under a strict service schedule as defined by DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency) they are also subject to an annual Class 6 MOT, the most stringent. All are fitted with Tachographs, to record driver’s hours. They are also taxed correctly as buses and carry an operator’s licence (Blue tax type disc). Please ask if you are in any doubt.

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